A well-known streamer Ludwig Ahgren has explained why he thinks so many creators are switching from Twitch to YouTube.

In November 2021, Ludwig shocked the community by announcing he was switching from Twitch to YouTube. LilyPichu and Myth are the most recent names to be added to the growing list of content creators who have made the major switch in his footsteps.

Ludwig, who has encouraged many of his friends to switch to YouTube, has explained why he believes this is the case and warned them about potential streaming issues on the Google-owned platform.

On July 12, Ludwig thanked LilyPichu and Myth for joining him on YouTube via his Mogul Mail channel. He continued by saying that since he had spoken to Myth prior to making his announcement, he was especially interested in learning what would happen to him next.

He asserted that the platform has changed a lot since he first started using it to make streaming simpler for creators, including a better way to read the chat. Not to mention, it gives streamers the freedom to be particularly creative and create cool content.

He did issue a warning, however, that there are still some issues that YouTube needs to address. He claimed that creating thumbnails for his streams, for instance, “f**king sucks.”

Ludwig continued that the site’s policies regarding copyrighted content are the primary reason why streamers like Mizkif, xQc, and Hasan wouldn’t make the switch. Following his move, the YouTuber was repeatedly removed from the service due to copyright issues.

Twitch is still the best streaming platform, he continued, but he predicted that YouTube will seriously challenge Twitch within the next five years. Which streamers will next switch to YouTube is still just a rumor at this point. Disguised Toast, however, had previously asserted that at least 5 more were still in the running.