A battle between two iconic streamers has been set, with a $1 million prize on the line. However, this isn’t the case. The $1 million wager was an exaggeration, according to YouTuber and challenge issuer Ludwig, but his desire to settle his ongoing feud with YouTube juggernaut Dr. Disrespect is genuine. 

Ludwig challenged his colleague to a 1v1 over Twitter after leaving Twitch for YouTube and growing tired of the constant roasting at the hands of Dr. Disrespect. He was determined to put an end to their feud by proving who was the better player between himself and Dr. Disrespect.

Ludwig received praise from contemporaries like TimTheTatman after leaving Twitch, and he even faced a YouTube ban, but his ongoing feud with Dr. Disrespect has prompted action. Dr. Disrespect has made a habit of mispronouncing Ludwig’s name or making sly comments about his success since Ludwig’s move to YouTube, most recently he asked how do people say Ludwig’s name and jokingly say “Lud-widge?” 

Ludwig realized he may have made a mistake after publicly challenging Dr. Disrespect.

Call of Duty: Warzone is getting a new battle royale map this week, which will likely eliminate any chance Ludwig has of getting some alone time with Dr. Disrespect. The challenge has yet to be answered, but Ludwig did go into great detail about his massive wager in the meantime.

Nobody knows when or if Ludwig and Dr. Disrespect will confront each other, but it can’t be far away. Despite the fact that their duel in Call of Duty: Warzone is unlikely in the near future, both streamers are hesitant to pass up a viewer-driving opportunity like this. All that’s left is for the two to decide which game they’ll use to put their abilities to the test.