The Valorous abilities of LilyPichu are not to be underestimated, but the normally calm Twitch sensation couldn’t help but take aim at an annoying teammate who kept poking holes in her game.

LilyPichu has quickly established herself as one of Twitch’s most popular and well-liked steamers. Her boundless positivity and adorable aesthetic have won her fans all over the internet as the voice behind Genshin Impact’s Sayu. She is not to be underestimated, despite her cuteness, especially when it comes to Riot Games’ Valorant.

The Twitch star was paired with a particularly enraged Yoru player during a series of games on her October 17 stream, who couldn’t stop criticizing her playstyle. Lily, on the other hand, got the last laugh. As her team struggled on Split, the Yoru player continued to lash out at his teammates, blaming them for their poor performance.

The team’s Sage, who was berating the Yoru for not pushing as hard as he’d like, kept telling the Yoru to “calm down.”

Lily laughed off his complaints about the most part, but things eventually came to a head. The team’s stream queen finally snapped after a successful 1v1 match.

She exclaimed that her teammate Yoru talks a lot that he should write a book or something because he has so many words, but so little substance, and hilariously said that It’s almost as if she’s listening to an audiobook while she’s playing and that it’s completely insane.

Despite the Yoru’s attempts to clap back at her alleged “dumb ass,” the streamer snuffed him out with a savage retort saying that he should do voice narration jokingly said that he’s good at it and went on to say that he surely has so many words, but so little substance behind his words.

Yoru seemed taken aback when the chat dropped “Ws” for Lily’s verbal smackdown, remaining relatively quiet from then on – probably because he’s applying a lot of Aloe Vera to that very, very sick burn.