While Warzone players continue to praise the changes made in the Season 2 Reloaded update, Raven Software will have to work out a few bugs, the most recent of which is a Modern Warfare Operator glitch.

As Warzone players continue to drop into the renovated map, Raven Software’s big Rebirth Island update has caused a couple of issues.

Other issues have been introduced into the game as a result of the Season 2 Reloaded update. One reported bug, for example, caused players to lose their weapons and float through parts of the map, rendering the game nearly unplayable.

Furthermore, there are reports that another bug has surfaced, causing a game mechanic to become unavailable.

Reddit user MonkeyMan2819 reported a bug in Warzone that affects “all MW Operators.”

The finishing move “executions/s4 execution-generic leprechaun _01” is a bug that does nothing when used in the middle of a match.

Furthermore, activating this finisher prevents you from performing an execution for the remainder of the battle, which is understandably a source of frustration for community members.

The worst part about this bug appears to be that, as of March 29th, there is no way to physically remove the finisher, which is equipped by default to all Modern Warfare Operators.

Although it is unclear how many other Operators are affected by this bug at the time of writing, it appears that the Modern Warfare Operators are rendered virtually unplayable when the issue occurs.

Players will be hoping that, like all other Warzone bugs, this one is fixed soon.