League of Legends‘ most famous player Lee Sang-hyeok AKA ‘Faker’ is ecstatic to be back at Worlds and ready to defend his fourth title. He hasn’t yet been challenged in the mid-lane, but he is looking forward to facing mid laners from other countries.

At Worlds 2021, Faker has been showing his true gift and making T1 in winning their group for the sixth time and securing their spot in the playoffs. Faker recently spoke about returning to Worlds after missing out in 2020 and who he would like to face in the knockout stages after securing the top seeding in Group B.

He got the closest to Worlds 2020 when he starred in the event’s music video, Take Over.

T1 had won the Spring split of the 2020 LCK, but a disastrous Summer split caused them to miss Worlds entirely. After defeating Hanwha Life Esports in the LCK Regional Finals, they bounced back in 2021 and qualified for Worlds as the LCK’s third seed.

T1 has already proven to the world that they are not to be underestimated, with a 5-1 record and first-place seeding out of the group stage. And it’s only the beginning for them. Faker made his intentions very clear after defeating DFM in their final match of October 16. He told Laure Valéwe that he will return to win the Worlds.

He implied that he wants to defeat Damwon Kia, specifically Heo Showmakers Su but also expressed that he is looking forward to competing with other countries, too. He could get his wish in a matchup with Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovi, widely regarded as the greatest Western player of all time, with Cloud9 already in the playoffs as a second seed.

As T1 and the League’s most prolific player continue their quest to end a five-year title drought and win a historic fourth Worlds title, whoever T1 is drawn against in the quarterfinals must perform at their absolute best.