Following one streamer’s incredible luck in finding two Shiny Pokemon at the same time, another admits to fabricating a video of their own double encounter.

Hunting down elusive Shiny Pokemon is one of the most difficult things to attempt in Pokemon games. These alternate-colored variants of the franchise’s pocket monsters are so difficult to come by than just stumbling upon one can be a feat in and of itself, which is why some players may resort to faking Shiny encounters to gain clout among fans of the game.

The rarity of Shiny Pokemon is something that casual fans may not realize is. The chances of encountering a Shiny in the wild are around 1 in 4096 in recent generations of games, and while items like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Shiny Charm, as well as various fan-made strategies, can help improve those odds, it can still take hours of grinding and a lot of luck to find one. That’s why MitchOG, a Twitch streamer, was so surprised when he came across a Shiny Turtwig and a Shiny Starly in the same encounter, a 1 in 16.7 million occurrence.

Many Pokemon fans questioned the legitimacy of another streamer, KyleAye, who posted a video of his own double Shiny encounter in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl just a few days later.

KyleAye insisted that all of his previous Shiny encounters and instances of predicting encounters were genuine, despite the fact that the modded code can only trigger a dual encounter between a Shiny starter and a Shiny Starly. He also commented on people’s reactions to the video, saying that because there was “no way to 100% prove” it was fake, “everybody just wanted it to be fake.” This is a sentiment shared by other Shiny hunters, as some of their encounters are so rare that some people naturally assume they were fake. The difficulties that players face when attempting to collect Pokemon’s rarest creatures are numerous.