Twitch streamer Jinnytty or simply Jinny has recently been harassed by a number of kids while she was live streaming in the streets of Milan.

Twitch streamer Jinny is a popular streamer on Twitch gaining more than 600k followers on her channel where she usually streams IRL broadcasts while traveling around the world. Being a IRL streamer, Jinny is no stranger to some weird and strange encounters while live streaming. Recently, she has been broadcasting her travels in Italy and her streams have been quite fun to watch as when she travels in the Bel Paese, Jinny even encountered famous Marvel actress Zoe Saldana in Venice.

Now, during her most recent live broadcast, Twitch streamer Jinny has been harassed by a group of kids and other strangers on the streets of Milan.

In the stream, Jinny was casually buying herself a drink when she felt that someone threw something on her. It turns out a teen tossed an orange beverage onto her, startling Jinny. She exclaimed while finding while finding the culprit; “What the f**k?! What was that? Someone threw something at me! Did you do this?” She then turned to the kids next to her and asked the question, with a boy confirming he was the culprit.

She confronted the teens stating; “Dude, why did you throw something at me? What the f**k did you throw?! What is wrong with you? Why would you do that to a stranger?” Even though the kids found out that she was live streaming the incident and that more than 5,000 people were currently judging them, the kids continued to attack Jinny with his orange drink before running away and given today’s pandemic and global health concerns, this was no laughing matter.

Eventually, when Jinny saw cops walking around, she decided to ask for help but when Jinny spoke in English and they had no idea what she was saying, the cops went away. “They just left,” Jinny stated and it’s clear in her tone that she was disappointed that no one helped her from getting harassed.