Shroud has finally broken his silence on Lost Ark, revealing his biggest problem with starting a new character on the hit MMO title, after nearly a week of being bugged by Twitch fans to play one of the world’s fastest-growing games.

Lost Ark has exploded in popularity since its Western release, attracting millions of players across North America and Europe. Regardless, the game is not for everyone.

Shroud has been in that camp; the longtime Twitch streamer built his following on the back of his long-running professional Counter-Strike career, playing almost every first-person shooter he could get his hands on to play to his strengths.

Shroud is no stranger to the MMO genre. When World of Warcraft Classic was released in August of this year, he streamed hundreds of hours of it, and he’s only recently started playing Amazon’s New World.

Shroud enjoys MMOs, but he had mixed feelings about the genre’s newest entry, Lost Ark. “Yeah, I might play Lost Ark today,” Shroud said, “but I’m not sure how much I’m going to enjoy it because, in beta, it was the most boring game I think I’ve ever played.” He explained that this was due to the fact that he had only gone through the leveling process once. This appears to be a common problem among both players and streamers.

Early this week, the initial surge in popularity for Raiders of the Lost Ark appeared to have subsided to some extent. Despite this, the game shows no signs of coming to a complete halt and it has maintained over one million of its peak 1.3 million players.

Despite Shroud’s apprehensions about giving Lost Ark another shot, he continued to grind the fantasy MMO. The Twitch star streamed the game for nearly 13 hours yesterday, blasting through the early content and leveling up his Striker to level 49.

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