During an IRL stream in Germany JakenBakeLIVE discovered how to pronounce the name Ludwig correctly.

The Twitch streamer is currently in Munich with his friend and fellow Twitch content creator, CookSux, as part of a long-running European tour. JakenBakeLIVE asked a local on the streets of the German city how to properly pronounce Ludwig.

The IRL streamer attacked the YouTube Gaming star after discovering the proper way to pronounce the name and claimed that the latter had been giving him advice on it.

JakenBakeLIVE has been touring different parts of Europe for the past few months, and at the beginning of each month, he starts his German IRL livestreams. The city guide mentioned that they were touring the campus of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich as they walked through the busy streets of Munich at night. Jake was enthralled by the pronunciation of Ludwig in the city guide.

The pronunciation guide confirmed that the name sounded similar to “Loodvig” and was pronounced with more emphasis on the prefix. Jake then launched into a one-minute tirade about how he had asked YouTube game streamer, Ludwig, to pronounce his name correctly. The YouTuber’s name, according to the streamer, was “made up” to sound more pronounceable.

JakenBakeLIVE quickly expressed regret for his protracted rant. CookSux chimed in, saying that the former had started to turn red from an increase in blood pressure. Over 30 fans commented on Jake’s clip after it was posted on r/LivestreamFail. German Redditors were pleased to hear someone complain about the name’s incorrect pronounciation.

One of the most well-known IRL content producers on the platform, JakenBakeLIVE, began streaming in 2017.

He has played a number of games on stream, including World of Warcraft, Valorant, and Apex Legends, in addition to spending the majority of his time streaming in the Just Chatting and IRL categories on Twitch.