Dr. Disrespect has dressed up as a San Francisco 49er and trained with the athletes. Despite his controversy for the upcoming NFL season. 

Dr. Disrespect has managed to build a significant brand for himself. He, who had previously been a face for the platform, was banned from Twitch after a number of incidents, including filming people in a restroom at E3.

Since the streamer had only ever been suspended from Twitch for prior infractions, no one is certain why the platform suddenly banned them. Nevertheless, Dr. Disrespect has since rebuilt his YouTube brand and succeeded in establishing himself as something of a pop culture icon thanks to sponsorships from significant businesses like Mountain Dew.

Dr. Disrespect is currently working with the San Francisco 49ers to train some of the top NFL players. He also participated in training camp with the 49ers by taking to the fields and even succeeded in passing a ball to a different player across the field. In a brief video, Dr. Disrespect displayed his athleticism and highlighted his devastating throwing arm. He also put on the uniform, making sure he blended in seamlessly with the rest of the group. Earlier this year, much to the bewilderment of some of the event’s commentators, Dr. Disrespect announced one of the 49er’s draft picks at the NFL Draft.

It’s not entirely clear what Doc’s relationship to the 49ers is as of yet, though it’s possible that all there is to it is that he’s a huge fan.

Deadrop is a brand-new first-person shooter being developed by Dr. Disrespect. The game is positioned as a rival to other important first-person shooter games, like Call of Duty. Deadrop’s initial gameplay was just revealed, and many FPS fans were unimpressed and made fun of the game. It will probably be some time before the game starts to take shape since it has only been in development for a few months and won’t be released for several more.