Popular internet personality Jacksepticeye has received massive support from his fans and friends after insensitive trolls seemed to target his father’s death.

Earlier this year, Jacksepticeye whose real name is Sean McLoughlin took a break from his YouTube channel due to his father passing away. He posted a tweet announcing that he and his family requested privacy at the time. Jack eventually returned in February and he posted a youtube video addressing his situation with the title Loss. In the video, Jacksepticeye discussed the loss of his father and dealing with grief during the break that he took from the platform.

Many fans came in to support the streamer, however, there seems to have many trolls who began making disrespectful comments on Jacksepticeye’s videos. These comments were eventually deleted after receiving a lot of negative responses.

Several other youtube personalities reacted to situations involving Jacksepticeye’s comment section including Connor Pugs who shared his thoughts on a youtube video uploaded on July 26th stating; “This is obviously attention-seeking. This is obviously trolling, but whenever you see trolling on the internet. I don’t know that just like something about bringing up the loss of a very close family member it just seems like it’s a kind of a different level.”

Also, fellow YouTuber Jadyn also uploaded a video titled “I Feel Awful For Jacksepticeye” where she addressed how many users on Twitter responded to Jack’s tweet with memes and joking comments about his father passing away.

However, the harassment of Jacksepticeye continued with users posting meme compilations revolving around Jacksepticeye’s father’s passing. For now, Jacksepticeye has not commented recently on the situation.