It’s no secret that good broadcasts require a good connection, as well as a good team to support the various processes that are carried out, such as the streaming software, some communication software like Discord, and, of course, the games you want to stream.

Something that Twitch streamer and Grand Theft Auto 5 role player Jack, apparently does not have, as he experienced strange lag during a game while trolling one of his viewers while continuing to give away subscriptions to your channel.

As a result, his PC became unable to handle the multiple processes and began to experience hardware lag as users continued to give gifts, some of which were given on purpose and only for the thank you messages to appear, resulting in another player killing the Twitch streamer.

As can be seen in the nearly 10,000-view Twitch video, Jack began pleading with his followers to stop gifting subscriptions so he could play without dying of lag.

A rather amusing and unusual situation, which provided entertainment to the broadcast’s viewers, who did not stop making fun of the streamer, asking for more people to give away subscriptions, which, despite the bad timing, Jack will undoubtedly appreciate in the end.