No, although there are some exceptions.

Most Twitch streamers swear, and the female streamers often dress inappropriately or have suggestive content on their social media accounts. Many male streamers are also prone to making crude comments and discussing lewd topics, as are their stream chats. Although some streamers do mark their content as being for ‘mature audiences only,’ there is nothing preventing a child from simply clicking through to the content, as there are no other age-verification measures on the site.

Additionally, many games are shooter, slasher, horror and gore games. Although the battle royale games might seem relatively tame, the skins are often very revealing. There are also many excessively violent video games being streamed on Twitch and they are only becoming more graphic.

Are There Twitch Channels That my Child Can Watch?

Yes, it is possible to find kid-friendly channels. However, the fact that the streamer is playing Mario Kart or Pokémon does not mean that the channel is kid-friendly. No matter what the main game is, it is advisable for the parent to watch the content before allowing their children to watch any channel. There is also a chance that streamers may also switch to different games mid-stream, with different ideas as to what is child-appropriate than you do.

What Can I Do to Ensure That Twitch Channels Stay Kid-Friendly?

The best way to discern this is to ask the streamer directly in their chat. Some streamers are willing to accommodate children if they know that they are there, while others aren’t. Furthermore, while there are certain streamers like Ninja who try to be careful, they cannot control their chat and they also sometimes have ‘adult hours’ which would be problematic in other time-zones. Therefore, it is best to monitor your children’s activity on Twitch periodically to confirm that they haven’t changed channels and that the stream has remained on track. You can also visit the Twitch forum on Reddit to ask other Twitch users for their recommendations, as there are many other concerned parents out there who have already done their homework.

Regardless, there are always predators on any internet platform, so it is always a good idea to monitor your children’s’ online activity, especially when there is the possibility of direct communication between them and other internet users. This holds true for playing any online games as well.