Author: Julia Cook

Vader's gaming setup

An In-Depth Look At Vader’s Gaming Setup

Vader is a role-playing streamer who has been part of the RP scene since 2014. What really helped to grow his channel was when streamers SodaPoppin and Summit1G started playing GTA V on the No Pixel server that he...

Just9n’s Gaming Setup

An In-Depth Look At Just9n’s Gaming Setup

Just9n is a retired professional Counter-Strike player who has been streaming full time since mid-2016. He has retained his high-level fps skills and competitive drive and is also known for his friendship with other...

Trihex's gaming setup

An In-Depth Look At Trihex’s Gaming Setup

Trihex is a speedrunner who favors console games on a controller. He has been streaming on Twitch (then for over a decade and has been part of Tempo Storm since 2016. During that time he has built a name for...