Yes, a basic registration to Twitch is free. This includes being able to engage with streamers on their chats, provided that they don’t have a subscriber’s-only chat, as well as basic emotes.

What Do You Get for Subscribing to A Streamer’s Twitch Channel?

If you subscribe to Twitch with your Amazon Prime account, you gain access to Twitch Prime. This lets you download special monthly promotional in-game items that are exclusive to Twitch Prime holders, as well as one free basic subscription to any streamer. When you use a Twitch Prime subscription, the streamer will still receive their share of the subscription free, and you will gain access to the basic perks of their channel, which usually minimally includes custom emotes.

Twitch Prime loots can include skins, free trials or booster packs for a specific game. All loot is only available for a limited time and only to Twitch Prime holders. However, this doesn’t as Amazon Prime currently costs $6.49 USD per month for students, $12.99 USD per month for everyone, or $119.00 USD per year, with an annual renewal fee of $59.00 USD. This means that if you set up an Amazon Prime account without using it to shop on Amazon or to redeem Twitch Prime loot, it will be much cheaper to simply pay for a subscription directly.

How Much Do Twitch Streamer Subscriptions Cost?

The first Twitch Prime subscription of every month is free, and it only applies to a single channel. Every channel after that needs to be paid for separately. The minimum subscription is $4.99 USD per month, with many streamers having one or two more expensive tiered options with better benefits. This can include more emotes, voting rights (AliasV) and giveaway entry tickets, among others and usually cost $9.99 and $24.99 USD, although some streamers charge far more than that.

Are Subscriptions Refundable?

No. This is why it is dangerous to subscribe for multiple months in advance; if the streamer decides to stop streaming, you’re out of pocket and get no services for those months those months that you paid for.

What is the Difference Between a Follower and a Subscriber?

Following a streamer is free. This is often the basic requirement to access a streamers chat. When you follow a streamer, you can opt to receive notifications when they are live. Subscriptions are always paid for by somebody.

Can I Get a Free Twitch Subscription?

It is possible to get a free subscription, but not guaranteed. Some streamers have generous fans who want to support their favorite streamer by trying to encourage more activity and followers. They do this by gifting subscriptions to random viewers who are active in the chat. Sometimes the streamer themselves will host matched-subscriptions, meaning that they will gift subscriptions according to the number of paid subscriptions that they get. Some generous fans may do the same thing. Gifted subs will grant the recipient the same benefits as a regular subscription, according to the subscription tier.