During a promo for tonight’s NFL Sunday Night Football game, Dr. Disrespect continued his infiltration of the NFL.

The voice energizing fans for the game was none other than the two-time champion himself. Each week throughout the NFL season, Sunday Night Football on NBC produces a game-specific teaser. The San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos game just got underway, and NBC introduced it with the “49ers Superfan,” who also goes by the title “gaming content creator.” 

Doc began the introduction by bringing up the “Champions Club” before comparing the two quarterbacks, Jimmy Garapollo and Russell Wilson. He said; “It’s time to get a little respect. Now, not everyone’s welcome into the Champions Club, but Jimmy G belongs.”

He then turned to Wilson, who moved to Denver this summer after having a good run with the Seattle Seahawks, saying that many other well-liked 49ers have “earned their respect.” Disrespect attempted to cast doubt on the nation’s impression of the Broncos by making fun of the “Let’s Ride” mantra that circulated on social media after one of Wilson’s video sessions for the team, as you might anticipate from a supporter of the team prepared to play them.

He remarked, “The Broncos finally have their quarterback, right? Booing already? I like that. Take it from an international gaming icon, these teams are Champions Club caliber… but Russell. Tonight it’s game over. The Niners ride.”

Disrespect has previously appeared in NFL-related contexts. He said he could throw the ball 70 yards, so the 49ers hired him to record a video during training camp this year. In the meanwhile, he represented the team during the NFL Draft in April by announcing their third-round selection.