As a record number of players rush to create avatars on overloaded servers, Amazon’s New World is experiencing some growing pains.

New World, Amazon’s new MMORPG, was just released recently, and people are coming in droves. In its opening hours, New World achieved numerous outstanding milestones and set some impressive records. However, the popularity of the game has resulted in some growing pains and these includes where players are facing high queue times, leading Amazon to offer free server transfers.

New World launched to a half-million players recently, and that number must have been significantly more than expected. But due to high queue times merely to get onto their servers, several of these gamers have given the game a bad rating. Some players have even stated that creating a character can take so long that they lose their place in line. Amazon has had to rethink their server transfer policies as a result of the unanticipated overload.

After the servers had been up for nearly 24 hours, New World’s main page issued a statement. According to the blog post, the developers are aware of the long queue times and are working hard on a few things to help address these issues.

It also stated that the company is striving to add more servers and make certain improvements in order to help the players. Despite the fact that the game has added new servers in Australia and the United States, it is still offering free server transfers for the next two weeks, even to new areas.

In the meantime, Amazon also offered some advice on how to keep from waiting in a long queue. Because the server transfer option is not yet available, Amazon advises gamers to play on smaller servers rather than larger ones in order to prevent high wait times in New World. Despite this, users are claiming extremely high wait times and having to queue alongside thousands of other players.

Many players and streamers have been critical of the new game as a result of this. The MMORPG’s opening week is looking bleak, thanks to low ratings on major review sites and even streamer Asmongold blasting New World for the queue. However, players hoping to join one of the new servers presently being set up have reason to hope; Amazon is expected to continue to add new servers across all regions in the coming hours. Players and streamers will have to wait for Aeternum till then.