In November 2021, Ludwig shocked the internet by announcing that he was switching from Twitch to YouTube.

Ludwig took a turn for the worse when he received a string of bans just days after the change and opened up about his difficulties adjusting to YouTube’s streaming system, his efforts had, however, not only paid off in the end for him; according to Sykkuno, he may have even contributed to the enhancement of YouTube as a streaming platform for other creators.

Sykkuno watched LilyPichu‘s announcement that she was switching to YouTube Gaming after ten years of streaming on Twitch. He claims that Ludwig is to blame for a number of well-known streamers following in his footsteps and moving from Twitch to YouTube.

He also commended the YouTuber for “always pushing” to produce original and enjoyable content for his followers, like his wildly popular all-star Mogul Money Live event.

The work of his friend Valkyrae, who has been streaming exclusively for YouTube since 2020, was quickly brought up by his viewers. He clarified, however, that she had an established fan base because she had exclusively signed with YouTube and had “grown-up” there.

Sykkuno declined to “spill” any additional details regarding who else might be moving soon. He did, however, add that “more” YouTube announcement videos would likely appear soon.