The third beta for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will begin on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, and end on Saturday, October 30, 2021. Players will be able to see the final three new Elite Specializations that will be included in the game’s upcoming expansion, which is set to release in February 2022.

Each new Elite Specialization will bring a new perspective to each of the core professions while also introducing new skills and abilities to the game. A detailed gameplay showcase of the beta was released last Friday, October 22nd at 19:00 GMT on the Guild Wars 2 official Twitch channel (12 PM PT).

Engineer – Mechanist

With its jade mech, a dynamic innovator uses its mechanical expertise and advanced Canthan technology to dive into battle. Selecting different specialization attributes can have an impact on the mech’s traits.

The mechanist can specialize in a variety of combat roles, and they gain access to the mace as their new main weapon, as well as a number of Signet skills that influence the outcome of battle in various ways.

Specter – Thief

The Specter, a reimagining of the Assassin from the original game, uses the Shadow Force to deal damage to enemies and heal allies. Siphon will replace Steal, and the Specter will receive a new weapon set that includes a scepter and new dual attacks based on off-hand weapons.

Ranger – Untamed

The melee brawler profession will gain a new ability called “Unleashed,” which grants the untamed the ability to pass nature magic to their pet. In this new state, pets gain new abilities.

The hammers wielded by the Untamed are also affected by the Unleashed state. The cantrip skill type will be available to the new Ranger. These cantrips have a wide range of defensive and crowd-controlling effects.

In November, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will have one final beta event. All nine professions will be available in the upcoming beta, as well as the first hands-on experience with the siege turtle.

Information on the giveaway:

ArenaNet has teamed up with DXRacer to offer a Guild Wars 2 Racing Pro Gaming Chair to one lucky winner. Create a beta character and log in each day of the beta to be eligible for the raffle. The winner will be chosen at random and will receive the chair as well as 4,000 Gems. Two second-place winners will each receive 4,000 Gems.