Twitch is retaliating against content creators who use their channels to stream TV shows.

The streaming platform isn’t just for gaming anymore; it’s also seeing an increase in TV show streams, which is illegal due to DMCA copyright claims.

Twitch is now cracking down on these streams, just as it did with the use of copyrighted music.

Twitch isn’t new when it comes to streaming and reacting to TV shows. Twitch already has a built-in system for TV shows called Watch Parties, but it’s only for streamers who want to watch Prime Video, which is understandable given that Twitch is owned by Amazon. Instead, streamers frequently broadcast shows from other sources, including copyrighted content.

Many streamers watch and react to his shows on their channels on a regular basis. In a lighthearted exchange, Ramsay addressed Twitch directly, with Twitch offering Ramsay a streaming lesson.

This was all in good fun, but the streaming platform has issued its first high-profile ban for a TV stream, prompting a quick response.

Pokimane watched anime shows on her Twitch channel and streamed six hours of Avatar last January 8th to her 8.8 million followers, that is why she earned a 48-hour suspension.

Ludwig, a YouTube streamer who moved from Twitch last year, warned that binge-watching TV shows were out of hand.

It’s no surprise that streamers like Pokimane have been banned for streaming TV shows, especially as they push the boundaries of what is allowed on the platform in terms of copyrighted content.

After the high-profile DMCA music strikes over the last couple of years, it’s surprising that Twitch has taken this long to address the issue. Following music strikes and last year’s hot tub meta, TV streams are the latest content controversy to hit the platform as it struggles to control its top streamers.