Thomas ‘Tommyinnit‘ Simons, who is seventeen years old, is most likely one of the Dream SMP’s many Minecraft creators, and he, like everyone associated with the SMP, has amassed a sizable following in recent years.

Tommy has over 40k Twitch viewers and 11.5 million YouTube subscribers, making him one of the most popular online creators. Tommy started freaking out after leaking his passport during a dwell stream on the Dream SMP server. He most likely shared more than 50k people’s personal information.

While playing with Ph1lza and Technoblade, Tommy tried to avoid ruining a photograph of his fellow SMP member Tubbo. However, a thumbnail of his passport appeared on the screen while the image was being stored.

As soon as he realized his mistake, he slammed the window shut and groaned. Tommy’s chat and friends pleaded with him to finish the stream and delete the footage.

One Twitter user made a pattern similar to that of a credit card out of a random number combination as a joke. Another user commented on the post, stating that they were going shopping.