Forsen is renowned for having a calm and collected demeanor and for being a dominant player in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PUBG. The Swedish streamer, however, surprised some stream snipers in a PUBG match, which caused him to become much more animated than usual.

As the game began, stream snipers who were tuning in to Forsen’s livestream made the decision to drop in the same general area as him, making it abundantly clear to Forsen that he was being watched. Without thinking twice, Forsen devised a strategy to put them off his trail.

Forsen had cunningly changed directions while all of the stream snipers were focusing on the chat. He turned to look up and saw that every single stream sniper had fallen for his ruse, allowing him to land peacefully and alone on the map. Forsen couldn’t stop laughing as he admired his brilliant trick, making fun of the mothers of the stream snipers in the process.

Forsen has been a stream sniper target in PUBG for a while now, so it’s understandable that he was overly animated while deceiving them on his stream. Viewers noticed that even when he was just getting into PUBG in 2017, his games were more frequently plagued by stream snipers than those of other well-known streamers.

When a player effectively uses a streamer’s stream against them, it is known as stream sniping. They will activate their stream and keep an eye on the streamer’s every move once they realize they are in the same match as them. Because they can see where the streamer is dropping in, where they are on the map, what weapons they are using, how much health they have, and other information, they have an unfair advantage over them.