Jeff Hardy was recently reportedly fired after he turned down the company’s offer of assistance and treatment.

On Monday, he appeared in a Twitch video posted by his brother Matt that appeared to mock his firing.

Matt reassured viewers in a separate Twitch video that his brother was fine after he abruptly left the ring and walked out through the crowd during an un-televised show in Texas, and with fans concerned for his well-being.

According to Jeff Hardy, his brother Jeff told WWE that he didn’t need to go to rehab. He also stated that his brother’s health was not a concern for him.

Former WWE world heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy has been arrested for alcohol and drug offenses in the past.

He is reportedly subject to a 90-day non-compete clause, which means he will become a free agent on March 9 but will be unable to compete until then. During his Twitch appearance, Jeff teased fans with the possibility of a ‘Ultimate Deletion’ tag-team match with his brother in the future.