Twitch can be a wild and unruly place, with plenty of controversy and disturbing material. In recent months, one streamer has been threatened with a gun while streaming, and another has been banned and then unbanned after threatening to shoot Twitch headquarters.

There is some good in the midst of the chaos. Twitch streamers are currently catching Pok√©mon to raise money for childhood cancer research, but today we’re going back to Twitch’s extreme side.

Sanchovies was banned from Twitch on April 20th after threatening to blow up his internet provider live on stream in response to a problem with his connection. Twitch doesn’t say why streamers are being banned, but I don’t think we need Sherlock Holmes to figure this out.

Fans of the streamer campaigned for the ban to be lifted, but it was only lifted for a few hours before it was reinstated.

Sanchovies had dismissed the ban at first, assuming it would only last a few days. When the ban was revealed to be indefinite, he told his followers that he realized the gravity of the situation.