It’s no secret that GTA Online provides the bare minimum of security for PC users; however, popular Twitch streamers who frequently play GTA Online are still reporting issues with cheaters taking their lobbies offline or, in the worst-case scenario, crashing the game. For game lobbies, Rockstar Games still heavily relies on peer-to-peer, which can be extremely dangerous because it exposes all IP addresses and other sensitive information to malicious cheaters.

Despite the fact that content creators have expressed their concerns about this issue, nothing has been done about it, and Rockstar Games has never acknowledged the problem. In fact, with TikTok creators using cheats to target Twitch streamers for a little bit of clout, the problem is only getting worse.

DarkViperAU, a popular GTA V speedrunner, and content creator is one of the victims of DDOS attacks on his Twitch streams and has expressed his dissatisfaction with Rockstar Games on Twitter, but no communication or action has been seen.

This problem for Twitch streamers and other players is still a problem, and we’d like Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive to look into it because it’s not only a security issue, but it’s also affecting the overall player experience. Some gamers and streamers still need to use VPN services to protect their IP addresses from hackers.

The makers of Call of Duty have spent millions of dollars to protect Warzone from cheaters, and are set to release new cheat detection tools for the game’s November release. Rockstar and Take-Two should take this issue more seriously if other game developers are able to devote sufficient resources to it.