Despite the largely negative response to this technology and the ongoing criticism from a sizable section of his following, Dr. Disrespect is intensifying his efforts in the realm of blockchain games.

The streamer is primarily recognized for his fiery demeanor and brash appearances on Twitch and YouTube, particularly while participating in competitive matches of popular battle royale games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG: Battlegrounds, and numerous Call of Duty games.

On June 26, 2020, the streamer was expelled from Twitch. The platform gave little information about the ban, just mentioning that it was against its rules of service. Dr. Disrespect initially asserted that he was unaware of the cause, but on August 23, 2021, he disclosed that he had known the cause for months and was planning to file a lawsuit. On March 10, 2022, Dr. Disrespect and Twitch declared that the conflict had been resolved. Dr. Disrespect continued by announcing that he would not be going back to Twitch after successfully switching to YouTube, where as of December 31, 2022, he had amassed over 4 million subscribers.

During the conflict with Twitch in December 2021, Dr. Disrespect made the Midnight Society triple-A gaming studio’s debut announcement. The present priority of the studio, Project Moon, which has received harsh criticism for its use of NFTs, is to develop online multiplayer games with blockchain integration.

According to the official description, Midnight Society is a new kind of triple-A game studio and publishing business that has been in development for more than ten years. We are a group of driven video game industry professionals who see a time when players contribute to the success of games and developers no longer create experiences in a vacuum. Previously, the content creator faced criticism from fans and followers for promoting a number of different blockchain games both while streaming and on social media. Many of the critics charged that the streamer was endorsing a product that could worsen wealth inequality in the gaming industry and be harmful to the environment.

Because of this, the content creator, at least temporarily, distanced himself from technology. Blockchain games, according to a recent Twitter tweet by Dr Disrespect, are the future.

Dr. Disrespect wrote on Twitter, “Imagine trying to ‘extract’ with an item you discovered worth $100,000 on the chain. Think about entertainment value as a viewer let alone a player.”

The content creator went on to say that a “new PvP experience is upon us.” Dr Disrespect later explained how “the concept of digital collectibles in an online game is so exciting to me. Especially an extraction type of game. People saying ‘scam’ and ‘ugh’ are just brain dead headline followers. Same people that spend a ton on skins for an annual release game. Same skins everyone has, too.”

Due to its potential to provide more secure and transparent transactions and ownership of items, the technology briefly enjoyed significant popularity within the games industry. However, many soon began to criticize blockchain games, raising issues regarding, among other things, their potential impact on the environment. The gaming community has reacted to Dr Disrespect’s latest remarks in a variety of ways, with some of his followers voicing their support for the streamer. The majority of his supporters, on the other hand, seem to still be dubious about the situation.