On March 5, 2023, Twitch star Jeremy “Disguised Toast” broadcast the VCT (VALORANT Champions Tour) LOCK/IN championship matches live from São Paulo

A popular post from the r/ValorantCompetitive forum claimed that French-Canadian star Felix “xQc” was supposedly buying a professional Valorant esports squad at one point during the show. Disguised Toast commented on the streaming industry after watching this, saying that if someone was doing something fascinating, others would notice and try to imitate it. He declared: “When it comes to streaming scene, chat, as you guys have seen from everything. If you have something… If you’re doing something cool, everyone’s going to take notice and also like, try to do something cool. Right? And it’s nothing wrong with that. That’s just how all streaming works.”

Among Us and Wobbly Life, two multiplayer games, became viral phenomena in the streaming community after some content creators started playing them, according to Disguised Toast in the following Twitch clip. He declared: “If you see someone play Among Us and you think it’s cool, then everyone’s going to do it as well. If you think Wobbly Life is fun, chances are other people are going to think Wobbly Life is fun.”

The 31-year-old noted that witnessing well-known people follow in his footsteps made him feel better about his choice after a brief pause. He added that it was a big compliment to see content producers like xQc purportedly starting their own professional Valorant esports team: “It just makes me feel better about my decision to participate because… as big creators, like doing something similar, I think it’s almost like a… that’s a big compliment. Like, it’s a huge confidence boost that, ‘Okay, ‘I’m not doing something stupid almost.'”