Popular Twitch streamer Maya Higa will take a “indefinite break” from her online platforms. She is also an animal rights activist. This comes after she received a lot of criticism for allegedly “covering up” Adrianah Lee’s sexual assault.

This past weekend, Twitch streamers Mizkif and Higa were accused by TrainwrecksTV of trying to use their influence to prevent their friend CrazySlick from being punished for an alleged sexual assault. Recently, more details have emerged from other sources, including testimonies from Lee herself, which has caused Mizkif and, as of late, Higa, to take a vacation from respective platforms. 

Higa stated in a Twitlonger; “I never intended for my status to influence Adrianah. I would never knowingly protect a predator, and I would never threaten or discourage a victim from speaking out about their experiences.”

Higa chose to address her audience live the night the claims surfaced, making her one of the first Twitch streamers to publicly address the subject. She acknowledged that she had seen Lee’s original Twitlonger before she released it and said in this stream that until recently Lee had not thought the situation to be a sexual assault. Higa has remained silent on all social media sites thereafter, while other well-known streamers have continued to engage vigorously in the accusations. 

Higa wrote; “I have remained in this industry because I have always seen streaming as a means to an end—the end being a powerful platform for conservation education. For those of you who are still willing to support my platform, thank you. For those of you unwilling, I understand.”

It’s not yet known if or when Higa will return to her social media platforms.