Dr. Disrespect is back in Fortnite, and he’s doing so in style by hosting a $100,000 Fortnite tournament. The Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop Tournament is a little different from what we’ve seen recently in terms of competitive Fortnite.

Dr Disrespect was one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in the past. However, he recently drifted away to greener pastures with Warzone and other titles. The most recent Fortnite Chapter 3 updates have made a significant difference.

Later this month, the Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop tournament will begin. The first lobby of the event is set to open on May 27th. We don’t know how long the tournament will last, but you can watch it live on Dr Disrespect’s stream starting at 1 p.m. The tournament will have a total prize pool of $100,000, and it will have a different format than a custom lobby full of streamers.

The competition will be run as a kill race. This is a format in which players join lobbies and compete to get the most kills in the shortest amount of time. This format was popular in the early days of Fortnite before Epic launched full custom lobby support for content creators. In games like Warzone and its recent tournaments, it’s still the primary tournament format. Returning to this format for the Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo tournament will be a fun throwback to this style of Fortnite gameplay.

The Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop tournament will also be held in Fortnite’s No Builds mode. This is essentially Fortnite without the key mechanic. It has, however, become a very popular aspect of the game. This season, no build mode has been popular among players and content creators. In the No Builds mode, previous tournaments like Ludwig’s have been a huge success.

One area in which it has excelled is in bringing back former streamers who left the game during Chapter 2.

The best Fortnite players are entertaining to watch, but having a player who spends hours on creative courses erect a skyscraper as soon as you fire a shot can be aggravating. In no builds, this isn’t an issue. No Builds isn’t without its drawbacks, but it can be less aggravating if you don’t have the time to master edit courses. The new version of the game has been well received by content creators such as Dr Disrespect.

The Dr Disrespect Hot Shot Duo Drop tournament isn’t the first to feature No Builds, but it does demonstrate how popular the mode is among players and streamers.

Fortnite’s popularity among more casual players may be experiencing a renaissance.

This isn’t the first time Dr Disrespect has made headlines for something related to Fortnite. He’s also appeared in a Fortnite commercial that’s been airing on Twitch recently. A current Fortnite commercial highlights the No Builds mode. This includes Dr Disrespect as well as other streamers who have returned, such as Nickmercs. Fans are surprised, however, because the Dr has been banned from Twitch.

This is just a commercial, so Twitch isn’t exactly rolling out the red carpet for the streamer. However, seeing him on the platform is still strange. Especially given how perplexing his initial departure from Twitch was.