An IRL streamer Paul Denino AKA Ice Poseidon has detailed his version of the dramatic events that led to his permanent ban from Twitch. When Denino was removed from an airplane by police after being falsely accused of having a bomb, he was famously suspended indefinitely from the platform.

Ice Poseidon had made a name for himself as one of the first and most popular IRL streamers. Denino’s Twitch dominance appeared to have no bounds, thanks to his devoted following.

It all came crashing down when he was swatted while flying due to a fake bomb threat. He was permanently banned from Twitch after the incident made national headlines, igniting a furious debate among the streaming community.

Denino has now spoken out about the drama and what really happened, including how Twitch initially denied that he could be banned as a result of the incident.

Ice Poseidon had been livestreaming his experience in the days leading up to his flight from Los Angeles to Austin in April 2017. A troll falsely claimed that the streamer was carrying a bomb after revealing his gate number, leading to him being escorted off the plane by police.

Denino was shocked to see police officers board the plane when it made an unexpected landing in Phoenix. He suspected, however, that he had been swatted once more.

Denino was concerned that he might be banned from Twitch after the incident made national headlines. When he expressed his concerns to his Twitch rep, he was assured that it would not happen because the swatting did not occur during his stream.

However, he was later banned indefinitely, and the drama erupted on the internet.

Given how Denino had built his career on Twitch, the first few days after the ban was understandably difficult for him. He also claimed it was especially upsetting because it reminded him of his life before he started streaming when he had nothing and didn’t want to lose it all.

He then persisted and moved to YouTube, where he currently has 735K subscribers. He has since made several requests to Twitch to have his ban lifted.