Dr Disrespect complimented Sentinels’ Valorant ace TenZ, albeit at the cost of fellow streamer and former CS:GO player Shroud.

The Doc recognizes talent when he sees it, and no Valorant fan hasn’t heard Tyson “TenZ” Ngo‘s name mentioned at least once. The 20-year-old star has lately been tearing it up at VCT Masters 3 in Berlin.

Sentinels, who won Valorant’s first international LAN in Reykjavik in May, are hoping to make it a back-to-back at Masters. Though the esport is still in its early stages, TenZ’s skill difference is evident on a daily basis.

That hasn’t past the Two-Time, with the Doc paying TenZ his due respect – although with a little shade at his old pal.

Doc remarked, “Sentinels had this guy on the squad TenZ, which I’m a fan of.” “He reminds me of Shroud, except he’s younger and smarter.”

Of course, the YouTube streamer was joking around when he praised TenZ, but both shroud and the SEN star’s highlight videos have a comparable level of excitement.

Dr Disrespect has been keeping an eye on the finest that the game has to offer as one of the official co-streamers for Masters Berlin, and TenZ is one of them.

Shroud was noted for being a one-tap machine and a “aim-bot” highlight reel during LANs during his time with Cloud9.

We have regular footage from his broadcast after he retired, displaying the same type of enthusiasm in titles like CSGO, PUBG, and others.

Doc was pumping up TenZ before his match at the price of a minor punch toward shroud, but he eventually selected G2 to win.