During a Q&A session that streamer Matthew “Mizkif” hosted on March 2, a viewer asked him whether he would leave Twitch and join the platform Kick for $10 million.

He replied that he would not accept the hypothetical offer. The Twitch sensation continued by stating that he would remain with Kick even if Kick offered him $50 million. The Austin, Texas-based video creator gave an explanation before sharing details of a $3 million deal Twitch had made with him in the past. Mizkif claims that Twitch demanded he stream for 150 hours each month or the company would stop paying him for membership services. Nonetheless, they would give him a $3 million lump sum that was guaranteed. The 28-year-old personality said he declined the offer and gave his reasons in his statement. 

On March 2, Mizkif and Emily “ExtraEmily,” the newest One True King (OTK) member, had a Q&A session. A member of the community questioned the former about his willingness to defect to Kick in exchange for $10 million. According to Matthew, he had reached a stage in his profession when he was no longer had to worry about money: “No. Not even for $50 million. I wouldn’t do it, because chat… nope! I wouldn’t do it. Here’s why. It’s because… I; $51 million, I would think about it. I wouldn’t quit Twitch forever and stream on Kick because the thing is, I’ve already hit a point in my career where I don’t need to care about money. Because there is a point where it does not matter and the amount of money that you have, does not change your life.”

According to Mizkif, he owns a nice car and doesn’t need anything else. He explained what brought him happiness and said: “I don’t even like fancy clothes. I have a nice car. I don’t need anything more. Like, what makes me happy, I play Valorant, I don’t even buy skins and I watch anime. And the boxes. Right? That’s the one expensive thing that I really do. $10 million, I don’t need that. I already have more than enough money that I’ll ever need in my life. Right?” 

After that, Mizkif mentioned getting a $3 million contract with Twitch and gave information: “I’ll tell you guys this. Twitch offered me a contract, two years ago, and they said, “Miz, we will pay you $3 million a year.’ It’s something like that. ‘ And you have to stream for 150 hours a month. But we’re going to take away; your subs don’t matter.” 

The co-founder of OTK released details about what Twitch provided in the contract: “‘We run ads on your channel, like four minutes of ads an hour.’ Whatever it was. ‘And you make no money through Twitch. We take it all. We will pay you a guaranteed $3 million at the end of the year.'”

Mizkif claimed that he turned down the opportunity because, without rewards for progress, he would “become bored.” He continued by saying he prefers to have more specific goals: “I said, ‘No,’ because it would make me not feel like I need to continue to grow. It would make me feel like I just can sit and do nothing, and I don’t want to feel that. You know? I need incentives in order to grow. Otherwise, I would get bored. Because if I had a guarantee that I can just stream and do f**k all, it’s not as interesting to me. So I like being more goal-oriented.”