The continuous argument between Francis “Koil” and Bob “Penta,” two GTA V RP streamers, has gotten the attention of Twitch personality Felix “xQc.”

On their NoPixel server, Koil compared Penta to a contentious figure, which sparked the argument. Penta thus declared his departure from the server and reprimanded Koil for his behavior. However, xQc feels that since Koil is already the target of widespread animosity, it is inappropriate to press the issue further. The Canadian responded to Penta’s outburst by saying: “When public opinion is against somebody, it’s always easier to say.”

Due to the sarcastic comments made by Koil and Penta, their argument has intensified. Recently, the latter said in a stream: “F*ck Koil dawg, that guy is a f*cking piece of sh*t dude. That guy is a f*cking piece of sh*t! I’m gonna say it, I’m not tiptoeing around anymore. This guy, um, this guy is such a f*cking piece of sh*t.”

The streamer responded to the clip when it appeared on xQc’s subreddit. As stated by the juicer: “Okay, chat, it’s out of context okay. If Koil does something bad and he deserves for people to say, ‘F**k Koil’ the f**k Koil, okay? but, as a general thing, when public opinion is against somebody, it’s always easier to say, ‘Yo, f**k that guy’.”

He continued by saying that in such circumstances, one should assume greater integrity. He stated: “I mean, I think it’s usually a big disability of character when people stand up for like, dog sh*t before public opinion goes on to them. It’s food for thought.”