Elden Ring, the latest souls-like game from FromSoftware, has a secret wall that can only be unlocked after striking it 50 times. After following a message left by another player in-game, a Reddit user named “teristam” was able to find it.

Anyone who has played the Souls games is familiar with the taunting or informative messages left by other players for those who are online. Some are helpful, while others may be lies designed to keep you from progressing in the game. One such message can be found in the Volcano Manor, and it provides access to a room that would otherwise be difficult to access (by circling around).

Hidden, illusory walls appear in Souls games and fall when a weapon is hit with a single hit. However, dismantling this particular wall takes 50 hits and opens the way to Rya and Knight Bernhal’s room. The reveal has sparked debate in the comments section about whether similar doorways exist elsewhere in the game or if this is simply a bug.

The latter is most likely, as the wall does not lead to any special areas or rewards. Second, instead of creating the slow, illusory animation and sound effect, it simply blinks away when it disintegrates. Furthermore, the wall respawns and returns to its original state each time you rest at a Site of Grace.

The studio released a massive patch last week to fix any glitches, weapon imbalances, and improve PC performance. In addition, the update added the ability to record an icon and name an NPC (non-playable character) on the map, essentially acting as quest logs and color-coded mission markers that were missing in the initial cut.

The studio also nerfed some of the special abilities, such as ‘Ashes of War’ and ‘Hoarfrost Stomp,’ which made boss fights much easier, allowing Twitch streamer Distortion2 to speedrun the game in 28 minutes and 15 seconds.

Elden Ring was also confirmed as the studio’s best-selling title in a press release, with sales surpassing 12 million in just under 20 days since launch.