On May 24, 2023, well-known Twitch star Jeremy “Disguised Toast” discussed his current financial predicament during a livestream.

He claimed to have already made up his mind on who he would recruit for the roster of his recently announced professional League of Legends club when the conversation first started. 

Disguised Toast also made light of paying the professional gamers $500 per person. He continued to joke that it would cost him about $3,000 a month to manage the team. Then, when fans inquired about the source of “all this money,” he replied: “I’m not. I’m literally losing money from my bank account. It’s like… it’s like a stock market… but it only goes down, which is not good.”

Disguised Toast can be seen studying the player statistics for some of the most well-known figures in the professional League of Legends scene at the 13-minute mark of his show. He chose not to say who he signed for DSG and provided the following justification: “All right. I have decided on who I’m on going to sign. I can’t tell you guys, thought. Because if I tell you guys who I’m going to sign, then… they’re going to know I want to sign them and they’re going to ask for more money.” 

Then, the former Facebook Gaming streamer made light of his $500 monthly DSG roster payment: “I’m going to pay each of my players 500 bucks. Not in total. Guys, I’m not that cheap. Per month. I’m going to pay each of them 500 bucks a month. So, five players, that’s $2,000. $500… plus a coach, that’s $3k a month. Honestly, not that expensive! But, it all starts with a coach. Who do I know that has coaching experience?” 

Disguised Toast also talked about his financial predicament, saying that his bank account appeared to be declining like the stock market. Added him: “But, yeah. I’m looking to get into the League space with seven NACL (North American Challengers League) teams pulling out. You guys know me! I don’t like it when people pull out of an agreement. So, I am looking… to at least help pick up some of these players that are now without a job.”