Disguised Toast responded to Drew Gooden’s review of Ninja‘s Masterclass on streaming from his hotel in Japan. The streamer struggled to contain his laughter as he watched the video with his chat and at one point made it clear that his approach to streaming and personality are completely different from those advised in Ninja’s class.

The course critique has attracted a lot of attention on YouTube, where Gooden’s video quickly surpassed a million views. Toast took pleasure in watching the review, but he had to provide an example when Ninja discussed his views on how a streamer should engage with chat.

From acting to cooking, the website Masterclass offers a range of courses. On the platform, the megastar of Twitch Ninja has a course designed to teach aspiring streamers the specifics of their careers.

It takes a lot of work to stream. After all, one must engage in real-time chat interaction in addition to posting high-quality content. I took Ninja’s Masterclass and it ruined my life is a 30-minute satirical review of the course available on the website by YouTuber Drew Gooden. As Disguised Toast observed what amounted to a roast of the course, he could hardly contain his laughter.

After Gooden brought up the fact that the coursework contained material that was already covered in other modules, the video cuts to Ninja giving tips on how to use the chat. He advised the streamer to make an effort to interact with chatters, especially if they had questions or information to share about themselves.

The Fortnite streamer suggested that the viewer would be more likely to stick around as a permanent member of the community by sharing and keeping their personal information.

However, Disguised Toast had a completely different take on the situation and jokingly admitted that he hardly ever remembers any details about his viewers’ personal lives.

With more than 2.5 million followers, Disguised Toast is one of the most well-liked Twitch streamers. Although he has a wide range of streams, his collaborative streams with Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Pokimane, and others are perhaps his most well-known. After their trip, the Offline TV member stayed behind in Japan for a few weeks and has been streaming there for a few days at this point.