Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker watched Mizkif’s comeback live on October 10th—the first since he was accused of covering-up CrazySlick’s alleged sexual assault on AdrianahLee—along with many other Twitch streamers and viewers. 

Although Mizkif has spoken out about what happened, he remains suspended from his role as a co-owner of One True King while the matter is investigated by the legal system. In his return stream, he said: “I’m very confident in the investigation. I am very, very confident.” Implying that the process of establishing his innocence—or more precisely, lack of malice—was proceeding successfully. However, Hasan claimed that things didn’t turn out the way he had anticipated. 

He anticipated more from Mizkif, such as a prepared statement, admission of guilt, an apology, and more. Hasan said; “I’m not going to lie, I really did not think this is the way this would go. I really, really thought that he would have a lengthy statement prepared. I thought the legal investigation would have concluded. I thought he would have been like: ‘Listen. I fucked up. I am a fucking idiot. You guys know how big of a fucking idiot I am. It’s like 90 percent of my content. I behaved in a way that minimized and undermined a sexual assault victim. The most important thing here is the way AdrianahLee was made to feel, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and that I’m so sorry to AdrianahLee, and I’m so sorry to other victims.’”

Additionally, Hasan anticipated that Mizkif would turn around and “shit on” Trainwreck and xQc for the manner in which the information leaked. Instead, he avoided it or spoke very little about it. Hasan said; “He could have done all of that, and most likely, especially because he still has a lot of fans, people would have very likely wanted to take his side on the matter. That was what I expected him to do.”

But there was a rationale behind why it transpired as it did. Mizkif claimed that his legal team has “extremely advised him” not to discuss the probe because it is still ongoing. How long the OTK probe will last is not yet known.