Allthough he bowed out of the pro-Fortnite ­scene in April 2020, Chap is still recognized for his insane mechanical and shooting skills, so it might be worth considering the equipment that forms part of Chap’s gaming setup. We have therefore provided you with an overview of his peripherals.

Chap is the embodiment of a new streamer’s dream, as his rise as  a twenty-something streamer was relatively rapid. He only started streaming Fortnite in January 2018, and yet was still able to make his mark in the community by climbing the leaderboard rankings and online tournaments consistently enough to attract the attention of Team Liquid by June 2018.



chap's gaming setup

Chap uses a Logitech G402 mouse. The G402 is a wired mouse that is designed for right-handed users. Its AM010 optical sensor offers a 240 – 4,000dpi range, a report rate of 1ms @ 1000Hz, a tracking speed of up to 500ips and acceleration speed of up to 16G.

It has eight programmable buttons, namely the clickers, scroll wheel, and five buttons on the right side. These comprise of 3 DPI buttons and back and forward buttons. The dpi buttons are preset with values of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200, with a dpi shift of 400. It only has a blue LED lighting option.

This mouse has dimensions of 4.1 x 7.2 x 13.6cm (1.67 x 2.83 x 5.35”), weighs 108g (3.68oz) and has a 2.1m (82.68”) cable. It is compatible with Windows 7 or later.

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Chap uses Glorious mousepad

Chap uses Glorious 3XL mousepad. This mousepad is massive at 61 x 0.3 x 121.9cm (48″x24″x0.12″) and a weight of 1.42kg (2.2lbs.) It is made from a cloth fabric that is melded with a rubberized underside to prevent the pad from sliding during use, while its edges are stitched to prevent fraying. It can be rolled up for transport or storage purposes and is machine washable.

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Chap uses a Steelseries Apex Pro TKL keyboard. Chap’s gaming setup features the same keyboard as those of BenjyFishy, dizzy and Bugha. It is fitted with omnipoint switches that allow for the actuation point to be adjusted between 0.4 – 3.6mm, excluding the arrow keys that are set on regular red switches. These adjustments can be made directly through the keyboard by means of the OLED screen and controls on the top right corner of the keyboard. Furthermore, these switches have an actuation force is 45cN (45.9G) and their response time is 0.7ms. The keys are also set with RGB backlighting, with colors and effects that can be set on a per-key basis through the SteelSeries Engine software.

It is constructed on a Series 5000 metal frame and has a soft-such removable magnetic wrist-rest. It requires either the Mac OSX 10.11 or Windows 7 as the earliest operating systems in order to function.

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headphones used in Chap's gaming setup

Chap uses Sennheiser HD 800 S headphones. The Sennheiser 800 S set are stereo headphones that are set with 56mmm transducer rivers that offer a frequency response range of between 4 – 51,000Hz. They are set at a slight angle so as to implement a spatial stereo effect. Their SPL is 102dB and their nominal impedance is at 300W.

The headphones’ frame is built from advanced aerospace materials, while the earcups are cushioned with velour padding. It comes with connector options of an XLR cable, as well as a cable with a ¼ jack.

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chap's gaming setup microphone

Chap uses an Audio-Technica AT2035 microphone. The Audio-Technica At2035 is a cardioid-patterned large-diaphragm microphone that offersa frequency response range of 40 – 20,000Hz with a dynamic range is 113dB, a low frequency roll-off of 80Hz and a nominal impedance of 250W. Additionally, it has a Signal-to-Noise ratio of 71dB and has a maximum input sound level of 136 dB SPL.

The casing comprises of solid metal and it is powered with an XLR cable and requires +48V of phantom power to run, so you will need to invest in an XLR cable and audio-interface in order to use it. It does, however, come with a shock mount, stand nut and pleather carry case.

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