LOL_Nemesis first became involved in competing in League of Legends LAN events during his high school days. His strong performances at these events earned him a place on his first team when he was eighteen and then on Fnatic in 2020. He remained with the organization for two years before announcing his retirement from the pro-scene in November 2020. He has been focusing on his streaming career ever since and has grown a loyal following thanks to his high-level kill counts, team skills, and love of the game. To assuage your cur curiosity regarding what gear he uses to optimize his gameplay, we have composed an overview of them below. Surprisingly, LOL_Nemesis’ gaming setup includes a few relatively basic peripherals.


Logitech G302

LOL_Nemesis uses a Logitech G302 mouse. The Logitech G302 is a wired gaming mouse that was designed for MOBA gameplay. It utilizes a Delta Zero optical sensor that offers a range of between 240 to 4000 DPI, and has preset DPI options of 800, 1600 and 2400. Up to five profiles can be saved onboard, and those can be set in increments of 80. It has a tracking speed of 120 IPS that operates at a maximum acceleration 20G. Its polling rate is 1,000Hz at 1ms.

It is made of plastic with an ambidextrous shape. It has six programmable buttons. However, the two side buttons are only on the right thumb side, so it is more suited for right-handed users. Additionally, its shape makes it more comfortable for those who favor claw or fingertip grip. It has dimensions of 6.5 x 11.5 x 3.7cm (2.56 x 4.53 x 1.46) and weighs 87g (4.5oz.) Its cable is 2.1m (6.9ft) long.

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HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

LOL_Nemesis uses a HyperX Alloy FPS Pro keyboard. The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is a wired keyboard with a tenkeyless formfactor. It comes soldered with either Cherry MX RGB Blue or RGB Red switches, but LOL_Nemesis has not specified which he has chosen. Otherwise, it has a solid steel frame and is set with removable UV-coated ABS keycaps. It has Red LED backlighting options. There are 6 modes and 5 brightness levels available onboard. However, there are no macro profile options. There are also two feet on its underside that can be flipped out for angled typing.

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Elgato Wave: 3

LOL_Nemesis uses an Elgato Wave: 3 microphone. The Elgato Wave:3 is a plug-and-play condenser microphone that was intended to be used by streamers. It is constructed from plastic with a steels grill and its cardioid polar pattern inputs at a side-address. Its 70-20,000Hz frequency response range operates at a sensitivity of between 125dBFS~15dBFS. It is also integrated with Clipguard technology that enables the maximum SPL of 120dB to be increased to 140dB, and the dynamic range to be increased from 95dB to 115dB when it is activated. Additionally, it can help to decrease audio distortion by automatically choosing the cleaner signal if it registers two inputs. There are also control knobs for the headphone volume, mic gain adjustments and a crossfade adjuster. It has a built-in pop-filter to stifle unwanted plosive sounds and also comes with a sturdy U-mount desk stand. It is compatible with Windows 10 or later and macOS 10.15 or later.

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Logitech C922

LOL_Nemesis uses a Logitech C922 webcam. The Logitech C922 is a basic plug-and-play webcam that is used by a few large streamers, including Kyedae, Arkhram and KingRichard, among others. It offers a 78° field of vision and can record at up to 1080p at 30fps and at 720p at 60fps. It can also be tilted up and down to accommodate different angles. Its RightLight 2 light correction technology to automatically adjust the brightness as the light changes in the recording room. It is compatible with macOS 10.10 or later, as well as Windows 7 and Android v5.0 or later devices. It also comes with a tripod desk stand and 3-months of free XSplit.

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