As competitive FPS is the mainstay of his channel, it’s well worth looking at the equipment that makes up BenjyFishy’s gaming setup.

BenjyFishy first started streaming in November 2018 and soon made a name for himself after consistently ranking high in various online tournaments. However, his follower base really started skyrocketing when he successfully qualified to compete in the first ever Fortnite World Cup Championship in July 2019 for both the Solo and Duo finals. He ultimately placed 9th in Solos and 14th in Duos alongside MrSavage. Since then, he has continued to stream full time while being homeschooled, and still competes in online tournaments along with other prominent streamers such as LeTsHe and Mongraal.




BenjyFishy's monitor as part of his gaming setup

BenjyFish’s gaming setup includes an ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q monitor. The ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q is a 24.5-inch, 240Hz gaming monitor that is pretty fairly common among fps streamers, including Cloakzy and HusKerrs. It offers a display of up to 1920 x 1080p with a 1ms response time. In addition to its integration of NVIDIA G-Sync technology to reduce instances of screen tearing and stuttering, it also boasts flicker-free back lighting and a built-in blue-light filter to help prevent eye strain.

Its stand offers height adjustment options of between 10.16 – 15.24cm (4 – 6”), swiveling capacities between +50 to -50° and tilting capabilities of between +20° and -5°. It is also compatible with VESA wall mounting.

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BenjyFishy's mouse that makes up his gaming setup

BenjyFishy uses a FinalMouse Air58 (Mystic Blue) gaming mouse. The Air58 is a limited edition non-RGM, wired gaming mouse that was produced in association with Ninja. Thanks to its hexagonal hole-dotted chassis, this ambidextrous mouse is pretty lightweight at only 58g (2oz).

Its PMW3360 optical sensor that can be adjusted to track at dpi settings of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 via the dpi button. Other buttons include two macro buttons on the right thumb side, as well as the right and left clickers and scroll wheel that is hand-engraved with a Japanese haiku. It also has a woven 1.78m (70”) cord that is designed to be flexible and to stay out of the user’s way.

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BenjyFishy's gaming setup includes the ZOWIE mousepad

BenjyFishy’s gaming setup includes the ZOWIE G-SR-SE Divina Blue mousepad. BenjyFishy uses the blue version of ZOWIE G-SR-SE Divina mousepad. It has a cloth surface with a rubber base to prevent it from sliding and has dimensions of dimensions of 44.45 x 1.24 x 1.24cm (17.5 x 3.15 x 3.15-inches), thereby making it a medium-sized. It is also 3.5mm (0.14-inches) thick.

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The keyboard BenjyFishy uses is a SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL keyboard

The keyboard BenjyFishy uses is a SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL keyboard. BenjyFishy’s gaming setup features the tenkeyless version of the SteelSeries Apex Pro, meaning that it is missing the number pad.  It is built from ‘aircraft grade’ aluminum and comes with a removable wrist rest.

One of the major drawing points of this keyboard are its Omnipoint switches that can be adjust to actuation points within the range of 0.4 – 3.6mm. This can be done directly on the keyboard itself my means to the OLED settings screen that is located in the top right corner of the keyboard. The RGB settings can also be adjusted there. However, it’s important to note that the arrow commands keys cannot be adjusted this way, as they utilize regular red switches.

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BenjyFishy's gaming setup headset

BenjyFishy uses a Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero headset. The Turtle Beach Atlas Aeros are an over-ear, closed-backed, wireless headset that has50mm Nonclear speakers with Neodymium Magnets that are able to provide a frequency response range of 12 – 0,000Hz.

There is also a set of remappable controls located on the left ear cup, including a master volume nob, mic mute volume nob and two adjustable control function buttons. The detachable, unidirectional microphone is also located there. They are constructed from plastic and have rotatable ear cups, and have a padded, adjustable headband.

Interestingly, Turtle Beach claims that the leatherette covered memory foam ear cushions are designed to factor in the comfort of glasses-wearers with their “ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System [that] is built into the Atlas Aero’s earcups, featuring an easy adjustment to create a small channel in the ear cushion.”

It has a 30-hour battery life but can also be used while charging. The good news is that it is compatible with both Windows 10 and later and Mac with a USB connect, as well as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices with a 3.5mm jack connector cable. It comes with both of these cables, and the mobile cable has a bult-in microphone as well.

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