Twitch streamer Botez sisters and the popular korean IRL streamer Jinnytty or simply Jinny had recently encountered a scammer during their recent live broadcast.

The three streamers were just live streaming their day out in some restaurant when a lady suddenly walked up to them demanding money to feed her poverty-stricken family.

The incident was witnessed by thousands of their fans watching the stream. As seen in the live broadcast, it was a typical NYC scam. When the lady approached the streamers, it could clearly be seen that the situation was very uncomfortable, and even Twitch chat went into a frenzy. Luckily, the Twitch stars were smart enough not to fall for the scam as the twitch chat also went to help them.

When the lady cried about having six kids to feed Jinny searched her handbag but the Twitch chat went crazy spamming ‘scam’ and asking the influencers to be aware of the classic trap. So, Jinny hesitated and pulled an empty hand out. The Botez sisters instead offered to order a meal for the lady but the lady insisted on receiving cash, which the Twitch streamers declined to provide.

However, the lady seemed to be persistent as she pointed out the brief moment when Jinny reached into her handbag for money, saying she had extra cash. Luckily, they eventually managed to get rid of the lady and save themselves from a classic NYC scam. Scams like this are common in NYC, particularly in the subway where much of the homeless spend their time and it was a close call for the Twitch streamers but thanks to their viewers who helped them to a possible scam.