A fan of a famous online game called God of War reforms a clip from one of the streamers in Twitch named GoldGlove who has a humorous reaction to the Leviathan Axe’s recall mechanic.

Based on a third-persons’ perspective, God of War’s entire experience is a continuous shot, and it conveys an engaging story about a father and son trying to understand each other. The game is full of interesting and epic effects that will surely catch your attention and make you want to play it more, seeing other players and streamers react to God of War’s extraordinary mechanics.

In God of War, Kratos did the same thing with the Leviathan Axe just like Thor’s capability of recalling the Mjolnir back to him in Norse mythology. A streamer’s reaction has just been exposed. The said reaction represents most fans’ reaction towards the scenario where the Leviathan Axe could possibly be brought back to their hands with just a simple click.

A Twitch broadcaster, GoldGlove, has released a short clip from his first playthrough of God of War. The short clip has been released and submitted by ib770 and says that he wanted to recall the Streamer’s reaction. From the GoldGlove’s beginning clip, you can clearly see the innocence of the streamer regarding the mechanics of God of War. Frankly, GoldGlove’s video is based on live-streamed footage about the game. GoldGlove’s reactions are both genuine and humorous.

As they have read the game’s tutorial prompts loud and clear as Kratos brings his son Atreus for hunting. When they are advised to toss the axe at the debris blocking a collapsed bridge, GoldGlove looks clueless. Later on, they believed that retrieving the axe where it had landed was not the case. The following tutorial prompts and advises the GoldGloves and other fans on how to quickly recall the weapon. They did not read the prompt loudly, instead, GoldGlove’s mouth fell open in disbelief and excitement.

In God of War, recalling the Leviathan Axe produces a unique feeling, with a tremendous amount of weight that players can feel whenever the axe speeds up and boomerangs into Kratos’ grasp. Since then, players have experimented with huge axe throws, throwing it a far before retrieving it back. The axe reappears quickly at the player with a clang of steel each time, and Kratos never hesitated to catch it effortlessly each time, complimenting itself with ranged assaults. The gameplay has always been the main attraction of the God of War’s franchise, the newest entry’s structural reinvented a new and improved Leviathan Axe’s mechanics.

GoldGlove expresses their gratitude in regards to the axe being recalled for the first time. Given the fact that the game was released three years ago, different people have commanded the short clip’s submitter which is ib770 that their responses to the axe’s recall features are identical.

God of War is currently available on PS4.