An IRL Twitch streamer Jinnytty, recently had a run-in with a stranger on the streets of Penang, Malaysia, after he chastised her for making a living from livestreaming.

Korean streamer Jinnytty is one of the most well-traveled IRL travel streamers. In just the last week, the globetrotting streaming has visited Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and countless other locations across Malaysia. A random stranger approached Jinny four hours into a hidden bar search stream in Penang solely to criticize her for streaming.

Jinny did not take the uninvited criticism lying down; she rebuked the passerby.

Jinny went on to say that streaming allowed her to show her important audiences different parts of the world that they might not have otherwise been able to see for themselves. The unexpected stream guest only asked, ‘What’s so special about that?’ despite the fact that she expressed how much she enjoyed showing the world to her international audience.’

Despite discrediting Jinny’s career choice, the man lingered, attempting to continue speaking with her. After returning to her hotel, the streamer shrugged off the strange experience and ended the stream. The live chat and subsequent threads quickly sided with Jinny.

While livestreaming has its detractors, the growing industry clearly resonates with millions of monthly viewers.