Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1‘ Steinkamp expressed his happiness as his trip to South Korea came to a close, but admitted that the experience had made him “worse” at League of Legends.

Tyler1 has been grinding League of Legends solo queue from the comfort of a hotel room in South Korea for the entire month of May and early June.

During his stay, the 27-year-old streamer played an absurd amount of League, streaming more than 14 hours per day. Now that his trip is coming to an end, he’s reflecting on his time in the country and looking forward to getting home.

On June 3, Tyler1 responded to a viewer who inquired about the streamer’s plans to stay in South Korea longer. He traveled to Korea with a group of other League streamers, including thebausffs, to create content and prove they could reach Challenger rank in the notoriously skilled region.

Tyler1’s time in the League has been marred by lengthy losing streaks and battles with his own teammates. He claimed he’s “only getting worse” at the MOBA, despite going to Korea to prove he could reach Challenger rank by queuing up as an auto-fill. With only one day left, he has yet to achieve Challenger status.

T1 ended the trip by calling it “a complete waste of time,” and the legend of ‘BIG TONKA T’ will live on long after Tyler has left the Korean solo queue.