On a recent live broadcast, one of the most popular female twitch streamer Imane Anys aka Pokimane instantly regrets her decision after allowing twitch streamer Mizkif to go through her unban requests.

Pokimane is the most followed female streamer on twitch, however, despite having a large fanbase for herself, she still receives inappropriate or other hate-filled messages on a regular basis. Because of this, some viewers who got banned on her stream by the mods were simps who ended up sending inappropriate messages and seemed a bit too obsessed with Pokimane. Pokimane regularly posts videos in which she goes over ”unban” requests the streamer receives from previously banned viewers as it creates entertaining and hilarious content for her viewers.

Now, she once again looked through her unban requests but with a twist. She allows her fellow streamer Mizkif to go through her unban requests and give him the power whether he will unban or deny these requests and the result completely shocked Pokimane. Initially, Mizkif said that he will be strict or ruthless with these unban requests as he says that he does not want people to say bad things about Pokimane.

Mizkif appeared to stick to his promise for the first few “unban” requests as he denied multiple requests from viewers who had abused Pokimane, or sent inappropriate messages. However, shortly after, Mizkif ended up unbanning some other viewers who Pokimane wanted to remain banned and this included a guy who had insulted Pokimane’s gaming skills.

Because of this, Pokimane was left stunned, who appeared to regret allowing Mizkif to make the decision later. Towards the end, Mizkif denied multiple other requests, as the vast majority of viewers who had been banned had simply sent inappropriate sexual messages to Pokimane.