On July 10–17, Bethesda will host an Elder Scrolls Online streamer event for No Kid Hungry, a nonprofit organization working to end childhood hunger in the USA.

Bethesda will be hosting the featured streamers on their main Twitch channel, so you can go there at any time during the campaign period to see which of the community members from the official Elder Scrolls Online stream team is currently live. The Give A Sweetroll 2022 charity drive is being run in collaboration with No Kid Hungry’s own streaming initiative, Stream NKH.

You can choose to donate directly to a particular streamer if you’d like or to the overall campaign by visiting the Give a Sweetroll Tiltify page, which includes the individual campaigns for each of the streamers. As of this writing, the campaign is on the verge of raising $3,000 on its first day, with a target of $30,000.

According to Bethesda, there will also be a variety of freebies and rewards available for viewers, with giveaways that include a Pink Torchbug pet, provision station decor, and a chef’s outfit costume for players to wear in the multiplayer game. Moreover, everything is done for a very worthwhile cause.

If you haven’t played it, we believe ESO to be among the best single-player MMOs available for PC. The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, its most recent expansion, was just released and adds a touch of Tolkien to the fantasy game in a setting that is new to the series.