Remember Sixx Time Dad and his opulent Dr Disrespect merchandise collection, which was valued at over $40 million? Now it’s even more valuable. In related news, Doc’s ardent fan has added two new items to his collection: a keyboard and a mouse. Both are obviously Dr Disrespect-themed. In fact, he stated that a keyboard and mouse are required to access the entire historical archived collection.

This fan also expressed gratitude to two well-known gaming companies, ROCCAT and Turtle Beach, for assisting him in completing his collection. Sixx Time Dad, who had been working on his Doc’s merchandise collection for a while, was overjoyed to announce it on Twitter, along with images. His most recent additions are winning hearts, and they also reflect his fervent admiration and respect for Doc. It’ll be fascinating to see how Dr Disrespect reacts to it.

Fans have expressed their gratitude in droves in the comments section. One fan even requested that Sixx Time Dad open a museum, and they will travel from India to see the collection. Sixx Time Dad must be overjoyed, and a hearty congratulations on completing his collection.