After abruptly terminating his most recent Diablo 4 Twitch stream due to a health issue, Asmongold has since returned to social media, assuaging supporters’ concerns

The MMO celebrity has confirmed that he is “completely well” following a brief trip to the emergency room. For the first time in seven months, Asmongold returned to his primary Twitch channel to commemorate the much awaited release of Diablo 4. Since he primarily streams on his alternate account, “Zackrawrr,” it makes a big issue whenever his main account goes live. However, not everything with this huge release and equally epic return went as planned. After abruptly ending his lengthy Diablo 4 stream, Asmon followed up hours later with a Reddit post that appeared to provide an explanation.

He placed the responsibility at the time on the situation’s tension and anxiousness. You’re in good company if you think this is foolish, embarrassing, or pitiful, he continued, adding that I share those sentiments. However, further information has now been released when Asmon revealed that the Reddit post wasn’t telling the whole story in a nearly six-minute video on Twitter. In truth, he said that the reason for his recent absence from Twitch was a strange leg problem that had forced him to the hospital. 

he buzz around Diablo 4 and his comeback to his primary channel were indeed “super stressful,” but that wasn’t the only factor in his decision to stop streaming. Asmongold first “didn’t even tell [his] dad” about the entire situation because he “didn’t want to get people worried.”

He said; “After I streamed Diablo 4 I went directly to bed. I woke up and I had some pain in my leg. I was stressed out, I was worried. You sit down for a long time, you’ve got pain in your leg, that could be a blood clot. That scared the f*** out of me.”

He initially kept the symptoms from anybody else. He tried to sleep through it, kept the issue hidden, and exercised. However, he determined more action was required when the agony persisted until the following morning. “I thought enough of the bulls***, I’m gonna go to the emergency room.” He returned to social media to reassure followers that everything went out okay after a quick but expensive trip to his neighborhood hospital. 

He said; “I just got back. Basically, they did some tests. It cost me $420. It’s the best $420 I’ve ever spent. I’m totally fine. There’s no blood clot, nothing wrong with me. Just whenever something like that happens, it really gets your mind working. It got me thinking, it got me asking myself an obvious question, if not now, then when? I’m almost 33, that’s some f***ing bulls***. As I get older, I’m paranoid whenever I have even the slightest discomfort.”

Asmon’s way of living isn’t exactly the healthiest at the moment, it must be said. According to him, his lifestyle is “10/10 in terms of degeneracy.” But with the current scare, he is now trying to change that. “I think we might dial this down to a 7/10. I think I’m gonna try eat a little healthier and live just a little healthier. It’s not that we’re not gonna be eating any gummy lifesavers, it’s just that we might not have them for breakfast every day.” 

Following his “particularly eventful day,” Asmon decided to put his health first. As a result, fans may anticipate seeing him back on Twitch and playing Diablo 4 soon. Rest assured, though, that any shorter streams or longer gaps are merely Asmon taking care of himself.