On June 5, popular video creator Dalauan Sparrow, often known online as LowTierGod, was banned from Twitch.

His most recent ban from the Amazon-owned streaming site is another high-profile Twitch ban that will be added to the long list in 2023. In the past six months, LowTierGod, who gained notoriety in the fighting game community for his harsh character, has gone through some very difficult times. The contentious streamer moved to Twitch when his YouTube channel was permanently blocked in late 2022. He had previously left Twitch for YouTube due to another restriction. After his return, it only took a few weeks for Twitch to ban LowTierGod once more, however the account suspension only lasted one week, ending on May 5.

After a month, Twitch has now imposed yet another ban on LowTierGod. According to StreamerBans, his most recent ban from the streaming site was only in effect for seven hours.

Since Twitch has a policy of not commenting on specific instances of account punishments, LowTierGod’s followers who are interested in learning the official details of this development can only hope that the streamer will explain why Twitch had banned him, which he hasn’t done as of this writing. Despite this, one of LowTierGod’s followers has already proposed a plausible argument for the cause of his most recent suspension, contending that the punishment was brought on by a sexually explicit movie scene that was broadcast during LowTierGod’s most recent stream.

The transmission of any content that features representations of real nudity that have only been partially filtered is expressly forbidden by the Twitch Community Guidelines. This argument would explain the suspension’s brief duration because historically, Twitch suspensions for more offensive content, including hate speech, have been considerably longer.

Sparrow’s most recent banishment from Twitch does not appear to have any effect on the number of fans he had there; his LowTierGod channel still has just around 180,000 subscribers. Since early 2023, the contentious streamer has been experimenting with Kick, but his audience there is more than ten times less. Since Twitch seems to be LowTierGod’s primary source of consistent revenue going ahead, the streamer might be more motivated to maintain good behavior. But based on his past performance, it appears he may have difficulty doing so, not the least since many of his fans look to him for on-screen wrath, which Twitch permits up to a certain point.

LowTierGod’s career has also been dogged by controversy; for example, he was expelled from Capcom’s Street Fighter 5 due to a transphobic outburst, which raises doubts about how long his streaming activities will continue unhindered.