ElXokas, a Spanish streamer who recently came under fire for his remarks against obese people, has received backing from Zakc “Asmongold,” who has come out in favor of his controversial sentiments.

ElXokas has more over three million Twitch followers, making him a fairly well-liked streamer. A few days ago, a video showing him mocking individuals for being fat went viral, with many calling it fatphobic. Asmongold was really happy to read the translation of what his colleague streamer had stated because he has a history of making similar statements. His immediate response is as follows: “Boys, can we get some trues in the chat for our boy ElXokas. Goddamn, no wonder people are f*cking mad. Getting reality checked that f*cking hard, you’re gonna get whiplash.”

For those who don’t know, the OTK co-founder has already made headlines for his opinions on fatphobia and has consequently been accused of being fatphobic. The seasoned Twitch personality is renowned for his direct opinions, whether they be about the games he plays or about society in general. There were two significant occasions in the past year when he revealed his opinions on obesity. He faced criticism in April 2022 after saying that the idea of fatphobia was repugnant and outlining his opinion that people should be held responsible for poor health behaviors.

In a more recent incident, a guy came under fire for being fatphobic after it looked that he rejected a lady based on her weight on an online dating show. The streamer supported the man’s choice in personal matters and even said he liked him. ElXokas was accused of being excessively insulting by a member of the audience, but Asmongold disagreed. He stated that in order to have an impression on some people, one must occasionally use strong language: “‘He’s not wrong, but there is no reason to be a total as*hole about it.’ Totally disagree. I think that a lot of the people that are listening are, and this might get me a little bit of pushback, okay? But I think that there is absolutely a f*cking place, especially with young guys, who are 21 years old, they think they know everything about the world.”

Then he said exactly what needed to be spoken to such people: “You have to be a little bit aggressive with them. Then you have to tell them, ‘Hey, stupid. Wait a second. You don’t know anything. Shut the f*ck up and listen.'”